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Rent A Car
Rent A Car in Doha

All you need to do is just select your Rental Duration, Location and Car - all on the site! It's super easy.

Rent A Car

We deliver your selected rental car at your door step across Muscat or you can visit us at our nearest rental location.

Rent A Car
Drive Anywhere, Anytime

Enjoy the freedom to self-drive your rental car from Muscat to any destination across Oman without limits.

Rent A Car

Get your rental car back to your location, we will pick it up or you can return it at our nearest rental location across Oman.

Our Prices Includes Service, Repairs, Maintenance,
Registration, Tires, Insurance, 24/7 Road Side Assistance and
Free Replacement Car
Rent A Car
No Hidden Charges

Our self-drive rent a car prices include Taxes and Insurance. The amount you see on the site is the only amount you pay !

Rent A Car
Flexi Rental Packages

We have one for every one! Drive by Daily / Weekly / Monthly or Short-Term Lease Rentals.

Rent A Car
No Subscription Charges

Just rent it when you need it. Selfdrive Car Rentals is totally ON DEMAND.

Rent A Car
Additional Driver

Long drives can be tiring, add your friend or family member to be your Co-driver.

Rent A Car
24x7 RSA

We are at your service, round the clock across the OMAN. Help is never far away, just when you need it.

Rent A Car
Damage Insurance.

All our rental cars include damage insurance! Drive safe, we have you covered.

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Travellers Talk

Maria Patrick
Selfdrive Travelers

I rented a car from selfdrive for two months under Micro Lease. Every service was on point and I choose for home delivery option. The car got delivered on time and car was in a good condition. Company even gave a replacement car during the service period. Extremely happy with the service I received.

Rental Car - Hyundai Kona.

Location - Duhail, Doha.

Travellers Talk

Lailah Qureshi
Selfdrive Travelers

Omg! Too many models to choose from. I booked for Toyota Landcruiser for one-month period. The car was in amazing condition and I requested for additional mileages which selfdrive offered. Provided their best services at best price.

Rental Car - Toyota Landcruiser

Location - Barwa Village.

Travellers Talk

Sultan Ahmed
Selfdrive Travelers

Booked a car from selfdrive app on daily/weekly duration with 0 deposit and used the launch offer code and saved some money. Rented a car for the first time and had a great experience.

Rental Car - Toyota Corolla.

Location - C Ring road, Doha

Travellers Talk

Selfdrive Travelers

Overall a great experience, renting a car from selfdrive came out to be the best choice for me. Easy and seamless service and the car was delivered within 3hr of booking. For sure I am a happy customer.

Rental Car - Toyota Corolla

Location - Madinat Khalifa

Travellers Talk

Noroz Azgar
Selfdrive Travelers

I have booked a car on micro lease for 6 months. Still using the car I have no complaints. Every service period I get reminder and they provide a replacement for the car. The service and maintenance are done perfectly and car is running smoothly

Rental Car - Toyota Landcruiser

Location - Education City.

Travellers Talk

Alishba Fathima
Selfdrive Travelers

Rented a Toyota Previa for a day with 0 security deposit. I just paid for the car and got discount by using launch offer. Booked it through website without much effort and without much paperwork. Will surely recommend others to go for

Rental Car - Toyota Previa.

Location - Barwa Village

Travellers Talk

George Leo
Selfdrive Travelers

My rented car was delivered at my doorstep on the requested time by Selfdrive. Customer service helped me to book the car. The person calmly heard all my requirements and clarified all my question. Suggested me the best car which matches my requirements. Best in car rental company in the city selfdrive is amazing. Rental Car - Honda City. Location - Dukhan, Al Rayyan

Rental Car - Honda City

Location - Dukhan, Al Rayyan

Travellers Talk

Selfdrive Travelers

I landed in Doha international airport and picked my booked car from the selfdrive counter by choosing airport rental. My experience was effortless with selfdrive team. The customer service coordinate well and guided throughout the process. Great job selfdrive

Rental Car - Mazda CX5

Location - Hamad International Airport

Travellers Talk

Julian Greyson
Selfdrive Travelers

Finally, Selfdrive is in Qatar, I am a regular customer of selfdrive in Dubai as I often visit the city for business trips. Every time I rent a car from them selfdrive team never lets me down. They assisted me every time I needed their help. It takes less than 5 mins to book a car. Best car rental company in Dubai and now in Qatar.

Rental Car - Hyundai Creta

Location - Education City

Travellers Talk

Selfdrive Travelers

I was on a business trip to Qatar. So, I rented a Toyota Prado from Selfdrive. When the trip got extended unexpectedly. I just made a call to customer service and requested for extension of my car rental duration which was done immediately. Selfdrive is very cooperative with its customers.

Rental Car - Toyota Prado

Location - Corniche, Doha.

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